samedi 2 novembre 2013

A natural medecine to have more energy during the day?

Change your life for the best!

You need 3 cofees or more in the morning and 2 energy drinks in the day to wake you up? You take so much caffeine that you can't even sleep? Maybe it's time for you to change something in your life. I suggest you start thinking about something smoother than caffeine, the melatonin!

The Melatonin

The melatonin is a hormone naturally secreted by the body. She is responsible for triggering the sleep when the sun goes down. How is that working? When it becomes darker outside, some eye's nerves send a signal to the brain. The brain interprets the message and send another signal to the endocrinian system. Then, the melatonin si secreted and released in the body. So if you take one pill of melatonin in the day, you will not notice any effect because she will be active when it will be darker outside. This pill has been proved to be not dangerous at all and you cannot be addicted because the hormone is secreted naturally by the body unlike the caffeine.

Benefits                                                                  Dosage

-Relieving insomnia                                                                      3mg.........Normal Strength
-Relieving stress                                                                          5mg......... Super Strength
-Remedy against jet lag                                                               10mg........Maximum Strength